I feel a little explanation as to why I felt the need to post this image being as it’s not a good photo in any sense of the word. In true primary teacher instructions mode:

To do the washing:

 1. Put the clothes and washing powder in

2. Put the drain pipe down the toilet.

3. Turn the water on – you can just make out the ‘on-off’ on the wall

4. Move the washing machine back from wherever it has travelled to during the last wash so that you can:

5. Plug it in.

 Be careful – the washer starts as soon as you plug it in. The drain pipe and the water must be turned on before this! It is essential to check that the washer does not travel off the mat (it breaks the tiles!) or far enough to pull the plug out.

I feel I must point out that this in no way bothers me – I think it’s fantastic!



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