A Photo a Day: The motives and intentions

Having only sporadically used my digital SLR for the first year that I had had it, I decided it was time not only to use it more, but to improve my photography. It also happened to be the start of 2012; the start of my year abroad. In January, I was moving to Budapest to complete my CELTA course (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults). After that, my plan was to spend the majority of the year abroad. I just hadn’t decided where.

I ended up spending five weeks in Budapest, and being back in England for barely two weeks before I found myself a 3.5 month contract in Warsaw, Poland. This was soon followed by an 8 week contract in Oxfordshire, England. My dreams of packing my bags and jetting off to South East Asia or South America were put on hold until September. Not that this was necessarily a bad thing.

Some of my photos have been taken simply to document where I was or what I was doing on a particular day. Others are much better photos with me attempting to experiment with the type of photographs I take. My photos are therefore a mixture of the good, the bad, the interesting and the informative – and they are intended to be so.

Despite the fact that some of my photos are not intended to be ‘good’, I am still trying to improve my photography. I’m now just over half way through the year and I’m grateful to all of those people who have taken the time to look at my photos, and especially to those who have liked, followed or commented on my blog. Please keep doing so.



5 thoughts on “A Photo a Day: The motives and intentions

  1. It would be good to see something on this page. After a very quick look at a few of your posts, I really like your photography. I can relate to it and look forward to seeing more.

    1. Thanks so much – you’re giving me great feedback. I honestly hadn’t actually realised that I’d left this page as the generic wordpress page – I will endeavour to update it!

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