Three in one


The view of Lake Prespa from Galichica National Park in Macedonia. The foreground and left of the photo is in Macedonia; Albania comes in from the right and makes up the majority of the photo and meets Macedonia’s and Greece’s borders in the lake. Greece is at the far side of the lake, roughly centre of this photo.

We didn’t cross the borders here, but we did cross into Albania as we drove around Lake Ohrid, which I’ll talk about in another post. It’s amazing how insignificant borders seem in photos like this, but how much the world has been shaped by what are often arbitrary lines drawn across a map!

#oneworld #sharedplanet #oneearth



One of the most beautiful bus rides took us from Podgorica, Montenegro to Sarajevo, Bosnia. Through the mountain roads (tracks once we crossed the border into Bosnia) on a rickety old French bus with a cracked windscreen it took 7 or 8 hours. We also went over the second deepest canyon in the world, which joined on to this. Unfortunately I didn’t actually take this photo as it was Nat rather than me sitting by the window.