Twante, Irrawaddy Delta, Burma/Myanmar

According to the Lonely Planet Guidebook. to go over the river from Yangon to Dala and Twante still required a permit as of December 2011. When the restrictions were lifted, I still haven’t been able to find out, but as our guest house staff were adamant that tourists no longer required a permit, we decided to chance it. And I’m so glad we did – only an hour away from Yangon is a completely different world, not often ventured into by visitors…

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My breakfast is typically a cup of the sweetest tea known to humankind, with something fried like whatever this is. It used to make me feel incredibly sick, but now I rely on it as my only source of sugar and fat during the day. One of the other teachers told me that sugar is incredibly expensive here, so when they go to a tea shop they invariably spoon a huge amount of sugar into their tea. It tastes more like hot chocolate!



As it was taken a little sneakily with my phone camera (I’m never going to feel comfortable whipping my D-SLR out and taking close-up pictures of people I don’t know), it’s hardly the best picture. Believe it or not, we’re moving quite fast. We’re sitting in (or hanging off the back of) a songthaew (much smaller than the one shown on 16.10.12) and all of these people are refugees travelling back to camp.